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Yeti Wise is a boutique mortgage broking business that specialises in structuring the home loans of our clients to better match their goals and their lifestyle.

Is your bank controlling you?

Only around 10% of home loans in Australia get refinanced each year.

I hope this means the other 90% are being really well looked after by their existing lender but I suspect the chances of that being the case are pretty low.

The reality is that way too many people set and forget their home loan.

When was the last time you checked to see if your existing home loan was supporting your goals and still competitive?

When was the last time someone from your bank talked to you about your goals then worked with you to build a plan to achieve them?

Way too many people are letting their bank decide when they will be debt free, what loan repayments they will make and what their lifestyle will look like while they are paying off their home loan.

Home Loan Repayment Plan

For many of us, home loan repayments are our single biggest expense which also means they are one of the biggest opportunities in our budget to save money.

Regularly checking to see if your existing home loan is supporting your goals and is still competitive can often result in big savings.

If your home loan is not supporting your goals we can help re-structure your loan to make sure that it does.

Imagine what it would be like to know your home loan is set up just right to support you in achieving your goals and that it is being reviewed regularly to make sure it continues to be competitive.

​Knowing that you (not your bank) have decided when you will be debt free, what loan repayments you will make and what your lifestyle will look like while you are paying off your home loan.
You could just get on with what matters most... enjoying life.​

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