Imagine what it would be like to know that you (not your bank) have decided when you will be debt free, what loan repayments you will make and what your lifestyle will look like now and in the future.
Knowing your home loan is set up just right to support you in achieving your goals and that it is being reviewed regularly to make sure it continues to be competitive.
You could just get on with what matters most... enjoying life.

Get your free book, learn some new things and most importantly take action to get on the path to being mortgage free sooner.

For many of us, home loan repayments are our single biggest expense which also means they are one of the biggest opportunities in our budget to save money.

But only around 10% of home loans in Australia get refinanced each year.  What are the chances that the other 90% are being really well looked after by their existing lender?
The reality is that way too many people set and forget their home loan and are letting their bank decide when they will be debt free, what loan repayments they will make and what their lifestyle will look like now and in the future.
Implementing the steps in this book will get you off the financial treadmill faster so you can get on with what matters most... enjoying life.


-  Why becoming mortgage free fast should be a priority​

-  How to use low cost home loans to pay your loan off faster

-   When and how to refinance for maximum effect

-  How smarter money management can accelerate your results

-  The home loan and debt consolidation mistakes to avoid

-  How to take it to the next level by investing in property


I am Brett Hunter and in just 6 years from 2008 to 2014, I used the methods in this book to move my young family from renting to owning our own home and acquiring 5 investment properties all without having to sacrifice our lifestyle.
I now help busy people implement the steps in this book by structuring their home loans to match their goals without ever needing to charge a fee.


- Refinance & Debt consolidation -
On track to pay the home loan off 11 years early and save $157,185 in interest without increasing loan repayments after refinancing to a lower rate and eliminating other debts.

- Rate negotiation -
Negotiated a 0.79% rate reduction with the existing lender saving more than $46,000 over the remaining loan term without even needing to change lender.





This 225-page book will provide you with the knowledge and tools to make sure you always have a great low-cost home loan and are on your way to mortgage freedom.


- ​New home construction -

Using the right loan structure with the right lender saved $3,400 in Lenders Mortgage Insurance and another $3,350 in interest during the construction phase alone.


- Refinance & Renovations -
Lower loan repayments on a $63,000 bigger loan amount thanks to the interest rate on the new loan being 0.86% lower.​

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